- There are times where I’d like to belong… Does that sound funny?
- Not to me. Not at all.


Okay, so to the Thommy shippers:

I’ve been thinking about this whole Jimmy leaving thing, and there is literally two ways this could go.

1) Ed pulled a Dan Stevens and wanted to leave so Fellowes gave him an abrupt ending OR Fellowes just decided to get rid of Jimmy altogether (for reasons…


- There are times when I’d like to belong. Does that sound funny?
- Not to me. Not at all.


"I just want people to like me. I feel so alone!"

-Thomas Barrow, basically

Well, have you ever thought about maybe not acting like an evil, conniving dick to everyone, all the time?  Maybe, just maybe, people would then like you better.

A novel idea, I know.




Mary: So, what’s the plan? 

Gillingham: WE FUCK

Mary’s murder vagina reporting for duty.

"I wasn’t special to [Jimmy], not truly." Funny, considering Jimmy’s words: "I do, TRULY!"


Oh and he is a snarky little shit but man, how much I loved thomas today

also, interesting last Jimmy’s glance to Thomas…it just lingered a bit too long

Well, we can at least hope that Gillingham will follow the path of other Mary’s lovers and die.



Allen stealing Matthew Goode’s glasses. Huge thanks to magfreak​ for helping me with these. (x)

Hmmm this may explain why Tom appears in glasses in something I’m working on.

viscountessbranksome replied to your post:Did anyone else notice similarities between…

Nah I ship Thommy and I think he’ll be back but I can’t stand Blaje

well better Blake then Gilly, even tho they’re both tedious… But everyone knows Blake has (or at least had) some romantic interest in Lady Mary, so if the writers actually tried to draw some parallels between those two scenes, this could mean Thomas was special to Jimmy after all.

But ofc it’s just my broken shipper heart talking…


You have to be in serious denial to tell Charles Blake to his face while having an open and frank conversation, that Tony Gillingham is as intelligent as she is.